Spring, Is The Time For Cleaning

Spring is the time for cleaning… here we will discuss the top 6 best of the best products to help you create a home that is clean, bright, fresh and airy.


From the moment the snow begins to melt and the days become longer we get this feeling to let go of all that was winter and make room for the new that arrives with Spring. The sun is shining and feeling warmer to our skin, and the birds chirp their little songs outside our windows… and we move from wanting to hibernate and retreat to wanting to open up the windows and let the sun and fresh air in.

We start to organize and purge, and the urge to clean comes over us and all we can think about is making our homes and spaces as Fresh, Light, Bright and Airy as possible… am I right? You know it… because you are feeling the exact same way. Spring… Is… The Time For Cleaning!

In this post, I would like to share with you some of Dé.tails best of the best when it comes to cleaning and creating a space that is fresh and clean in Springtime fashion. Being ‘Your Lifestyle Store’, we know that living is more than decorative pillows, and nice accessories for your home… it is the ‘behind the scenes’ that make a house a home and a liveable space for you and yours. It’s the ‘Dirt’ that no one sees and the ‘Dirt’ that I am talking about isn’t the “Soap Opera” kind, (wink, wink)… it does include “Soap’ but, of the ‘dirty dish’, kind. Hahaha. Yes… I crack myself up at times!

Here is our Top 6 Products and little tips that will not only make the cleaning process as effortless as possible, but will also make it fun and stylish too.

1st on our list is…

Farmhouse Wares. These are cleaning products that you will love to love. A Best Seller at Dé.tails… Farmhouse Cleaning products are light and fresh, the fragrances is from essential oils, free from dyes, perfumes and additives and are Bio-degradable. What’s not to love…

About the products…

Room & Linen Spray : Spritzing this wonderful, light and airy fragrancer around a room will help you get rid of that fish-you-cooked-two-days ago smell that is really getting on your nerves. Or, treat your bedclothes and pillow to a spray before retiring.
Perfect for upholstery, carpets, draperies and of course, spraying on your clothing before ironing, our linen spray will brighten all things (air or fabric) it comes into contact with. Made of 100% natural ingredients by Sweet Grass Farm. No chemicals to irritate noses & lungs.
The Farmhouse All Purpose Spray Cleaner: is a natural, plant based cleanser that is suitable for windows, countertops, woodwork, bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The effective formula quickly neutralizes grease, fingerprints, and grime, while leaving a wonderful, fresh fragrance behind.’
This Farmhouse Liquid Dish Soap: by Sweet Grass Farm works hard. It is an all natural, plant based cleanser that contains non of the harsh and toxic chemicals of the mass-market brands. So, it is very safe to use. Available in Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Lilac, Sage and Juniper Berry, and seasonal scents.
And does it work? Oh boy, you can make potatoes au gratin without having to work up a sweat scrubbing the crusted on mess. Just soak it in a little squirt of this crystal liquid go relax, and the dish will get itself clean!
{Product descriptions from Farmhouse Wares Website}

#2. I can not tell you why we waited so long to get these amazing Dishcloths into our store and into my life! and soon… into your life too ! Honestly, I do not think I have ever felt this passionate about a dishcloth, as I do about the Swedish Dishcloth by, Danica Studio.

Not only are they absolutely adorable to look at and come in a variety of stories, but they are 100% all natural and work wonders for my dishes. These little cloths are also machine washable; and don’t be fooled by their thin appearance, because once they are wet, all you need is a little bit of dish soap and it works up to a lovely lather. Cleaning glassware has never been so easy and with shiny results. Trust me, the next time you are in, you will be looking for these little wonders!

Cleaning is a hoot! ~ Hootenanny

#3. Universal Stone is a Game Changer. You want to get excited about spring cleaning… you have to watch this video clip….


I have tried everything to clean my tarnished silver plated dish ware and nothing have ever worked until Universal Stone.

This moment changed everything… I washed every single piece of silver I have… but it’s not only good for metals… you can use it as a cleaner for your whole home too.

Couldn’t you imagine cleaning your Bathroom(s) and Kitchen(s) with this?! Oh my, the shine on the faucets and shower heads… the tiles and countertops…. metal furniture… the list goes on.

Universal Stone can be used outside of the house too. Spring is also the time when we get our bikes and summer cars on the road. Use Universal Stone to brighten up the chrome on motorbikes, car rims, your RV and even on the boat etc… There truly is no limits to Universal Stone.

#4. Baskets – Before I get into why baskets are so great for Spring Cleaning… I feel it is necessary to touch on an area of Spring Cleaning that may be difficult for some to do and that part of the cleaning process is the purging process.

Basic rule of thumb is to get rid of all the things you haven’t used or worn in 2 years or more, as well as, anything that is broken and doesn’t work… So that means, old clothing, shoes, broken appliances, picture frames… yes, all those things that you have said you will fix one day, or fit into again… believe me, I know… I am going through this right now; it is what sparked this whole blog post, ha ha.

The KEY is when you are purging… don’t think about the item. It is an immediate reaction: Keep | Purge.

Ask yourself, “Have I ‘worn / used’ this in the past two years?”, if the answer is Yes – Keep | No – Purge. Stay far away from the ‘thought zone’, the ‘memories’, the ‘I may need it someday’, the rationalization for ‘why’ we need all that we just told ourselves to ‘purge’.

Let go of the attachment and remember you are creating space;, and the space you will be creating is greater than the literal meaning of ‘more space in your closet’… metaphorically speaking, this process is freeing and uplifting, and you will feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted with every bag. Also, if the items are still in good condition, donating them helps in knowing that you are not only creating space for yourself, and you are helping someone else… it’s a win-win!

Now getting back to the Baskets. When we create space, it allows for us to be better organized and is a great time to re-organize and give function to our closets and dresser / vanity drawers, and baskets are a definite ‘Need’, in making this happen!



Baskets make great storage and helps in keeping our living spaces tidy and organized.

I love baskets and have all kinds of them in my home. I use them in my closet to help organize clothing and in the bathroom to hold my toiletries and towels. I use them on my bookcase and desk to hold stationary. As well, I have a basket in my living room that serves as a chest for my dogs toys, hahaha I know… I am one of those crazy dog momma {insert smile here} and I also have a couple to organize and separate my laundry. As you can see… I am basket happy.

The uses and functions for baskets are endless, and they look pretty too and offer a nice organic, natural feel to a room.

We have a variety of baskets in-store for your organizing projects.

#5. A way to freshen up your bedroom is with the use of Drawer Liners, by Michel Design Works. Talk about beauty and scented. The artwork to these drawer liners is absolutely breathtaking and the fragrances are lovely. We carry a variety of Michel Design Works, Drawer Liners in most of the collections In-Store.

Each box has 6 Drawer liner, they may be cut to fit your drawer or even use in boxes or baskets to help freshen up clothing being stored for the season, or for that old antique dresser you found at the re-store, that you had to have. Oh, by the way…. we have Fusion Mineral Paint to help liven up that old piece (wink, wink).

Closing in on our last on the list of the big 6 of the best of the best is a tried, tested and true product that is OVER a century old and has been a long time successful product line here at Dé.tails… and that is Lampe Berger.

#6 Lampe Berger Paris now re-branded as Maison Berger Paris.

Maison Berger Paris (Lampe Berger Paris) is celebrating its 120th Year! Wow… just wow! For those of you who may not know, Maison Berger (Lampe Berger) 120 YEARS OF HISTORY

Originally designed to purify the air of hospital rooms at the beginning of the 20th century, the little lamp of the pharmacy technician, Mr. Berger, quickly enjoyed phenomenal success with the public.

Revisited by renowned designers and adopted by leading figures from the world of the arts (Coco Chanel, Picasso, Colette or Jean Cocteau), It gradually became a style icon, appreciated as much for its elegant lines as its delicate fragrances.

Faced with this craze, the successors of Maurice Berger have chosen to continue to explore this unique world with new design objects, such as bouquets, candles and many more.

The name «Lampe Berger» no longer reflects the diversity of the brand’s creations, it has now selected the name «Maison Berger Paris». Tribute to a unique place of creation and inspiration around a French passion for the arts and interior fragrances.

Video On How To Use Lampe Berger

Maison Berger Paris (Lampe Berger) does more than the Lamps, they also have a wonderful selection of Room Reed Defusers that not only add fragrance to the room, but purify too and in addition to their already amazing collection of room fragrances, with their new re-branding as Maison Berger Paris, the have added the incredible Aroma Collection. This collection helps to activate and radiate certain moods using aromatherapy. Soon to be in store at Dé.tails. You may find both the Reed Defusers & Scented Candles as listed below.



A feminine, amber and delicately powdery fragrance,

particularly for relaxation and well-being.

Essential oils with beneficial virtues

PATCHOULI reduces nervous tension and stress

GAIAC WOOD anti-depressant and stimulating virtues




a fresh and sparkling fragrance, for an invigorating and

energising atmosphere.

Essential oils with beneficial virtues

GRAPEFRUIT helps to create positivity, imparts enthusiasm

and reduces anguish and anxiety




a fresh and floral fragrance with a

sunny facet evoking joy

Essential oils with beneficial virtues

CLOVE tones, boosts morale and physical health and releases

blocked energy.


Here you have it… 6 of our best-selling Spring cleaning products to help you on your way to a cleaner, fresher, airy  feeling home this season that will carry your right through to the Summer. I would love to hear about your experiences with these products in the comments and look forward to seeing you the next time you’re shopping at Dé.tails…. Your Lifestyle Store, in the heart of downtown Alliston.






Author ~

Michelle Joyce, Store Manager at Dé.tails


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